Kratom has found its places as an alternative treatment for a variety of health conditions such as acute and chronic pain, insomnia, diarrhea, and opiate withdrawal symptoms among others. Most new users aren’t aware of how to get the best results from the product. First, you must realize that kratom has several strains and each targets a specific benefit. But typically, kratom use falls under two major subcategories: stimulation or relaxation effects. Before you buy kratom, I will share excellent tips that will make your experience exceptional.

  • Know the strains

Whether you require re kratom for stimulation or relaxation, you must first acquire adequate knowledge of the various strains and their uses. This information is readily available in websites the sell kratom. You can buy kratom literature from leading online stores like Amazon and eBay. You can join online forums dedicated to kratom. The social media is also an excellent source of information on kratom products. Finally, you can use search engines such as Bing, Google, and Yahoo to get the information.

  • Establish your dosage


Kratom doesn’t have a specific dose. Each individual must work out their ideal dose through experimentation. As a beginner, you need to start with low doses as you upgrade gradually to reach your optimal dosage. Though kratom use isn’t associated with adverse effects, one must avoid high doses to avoid addiction and any adverse effects. Speak to your vendor on how to use the product before you use the products.

  • Buy kratom from reliable vendors

The quality of kratom products will determine the benefits you will reap using these products. Before you go buy kratom, embark on research to establish the reputation of the seller. It’s important to note some unscrupulous dealers stock expired, contaminated and low-quality products. Rely on information from pro kratom users to determine the reliability of your chosen vendor. Online reviews by their customers can also offer valid information on the quality of their products.

  • Take kratom on an empty stomach

As a beginner, you need to start your kratom journey on an empty stomach. Taking the products with foods might need high doses to achieve the desired effects. You can take kratom with food after you have established your required dose. Besides, record all body changes and experiences as you take kratom. The information should include the amount taken, the duration of action and any undesired effects.

  • Keep hydrated

When you start taking kratom, increase your water and fluid intake. Additional water is necessary to counter the impact of dehydration that comes along with kratom use. If you can’t take water, use other drinks but avoid coffee since it will lead to more dehydration.

These tips will make your experience fantastic. You will enjoy the benefits of kratom as you avoid the adverse effects. Share your experiences on your first days using kratom.