All kratom strains are different in effects and the amount of kratom for each strain is also different. Some strains are usually high in effects while some are moderate. Some strains are extremely potent so the same amount of dosage will not properly work, it either work high or low but not the exact what you want.

Let’s discuss how to achieve desirable effects of kratom Board.

  • For stimulation

By taking  low kratom dosage, a person can acquire stimulating effects. For beginners, this is the exact result by consuming kratom in a low amount. A person can become active, enthusiastic, and excited by taking a low dose of kratom.

It is advisable to use kratom one time a day before sleep. This stimulating effect doesn’t work on an average or high dose. These effects remain for 24 hours and disappear when you take the dose again.

  • For Energy

Taking an average dose of kratom brings up other effects such as energy and persistence. The amount of kratom to experience these effects is 3 to 5 grams. If you feel tired and wants to boost up your energy level then take the moderate dosage of kratom.

  • Nootropic Relief

After the body becomes stimulated and energized, the next thing that a person experience is nootropic relief. It enhances memory and other cognitive functions. It also enhances your mood, increases motivation level, and increases work performance.

These effects can be achieved by taking 3 to 6 grams of kratom Voice which is actually in a moderate amount or a little high.

  • For stress reduction

If a person wants to use kratom for stress then it is for a medical purpose and this effect can not be achieved at a low dosage. The amount of dosage required for relieving stress is 6 grams or more.

This intake is not for daily purpose but only when needed the most. It relaxes your mind and muscles.

  • For relieving pain

Kratom acts as a painkiller and is using as a practical medicine in many types of researches and even in hospitals. Kratom can actually alleviate many types of pains from mild to severe. Kratom can also work for chronic pains. A high amount of dosage is needed for relieving different pains .i.e 5 to 10 grams.

  • For Opiate withdrawal

Kratom works best for users who are having opiate withdrawal effects. These effects can be controlled by taking a high dose of kratom. The amount of high dosage to feel these effects is above 10 grams. Kratom taken in moderate amount will not work for this effect.

  • For Sedation and Euphoric Effects

Kratom is well known for bringing euphoric effects. 8 grams of kratom dosage should be usually taken to feel the state of euphoria. A person feels a sense of bliss and the effects of euphoria can be increased by taking kratom in higher amount. Always try and then increase the dose according to your body type.

Kratom can also bring a state of calmness and sleep at the same amount and level.