Getting high quality and finest Kratom is always the priority for the customers. This is the reason “EC Botanical” is always favorite and chosen by most of the Kratom lovers. EC botanicals are positioned in the United States. In fact, this vendor is enjoying a lot of love and trust of their sincere and permanent clients. EC botanical is an online store dealing with high class and incredible quality of Kratom. Their customers trust them and have complete confidence in them.

EC botanicals – lab testing:

EC botanicals sell their products after complete lab testing. Lab testing is done under the supervision of experienced and experts. EC botanicals send their products to test against any kind of harmful microorganisms or paradises. Lab testing is also done to confirm the presence of any kind of bacteria as well. EC botanicals never sell their any item before testing it completely in the lab. They have confirmed their lab testing on their website as well. It makes much easier for the customers to trust and rely on them without any kind of uncertainty.

EC botanicals – website:

Sometimes the buyers judge any vendor by their website. This is simply called the first impression is the last. If the website is designed beautifully then the clients prefer to buy products from that vendor. EC botanical is included among those vendors who have designed their website very carefully and nicely. It is very easy to use and clients may get every kind of information from it.

EC botanicals – rates:

After the quality, it is the rates on which most of the buyers focus. EC botanicals are vending Kratom at quite less and cheap prices. This is done to give relief to the customers by the rates. We cannot deny the fact that all the Kratom lovers are not well off. Some of them may belong to the middle or lower-middle class. To benefit such customers, EC botanicals are giving attractive deals and discounts on their products. Coupon codes are also available which may also be applied to get amazing discounts and deals.

EC botanicals – packaging:

EC botanicals pack their products very beautifully and attractively. They pack their products in such a way that the powder or capsules or even any liquid form of the product is kept safe and reach safely to its destination. Everything they do is just to please and gratify their buyers.

EC botanicals – Kratom powder and capsules:

EC botanicals have claimed that they are selling outstanding and wonderful products. Following strains of Kratom are obtainable in the form of powder and capsules:

  • Green JongKong
  • Gold Bali
  • Red Bali Red Maeng Da
  • Maha red
  • Green Hulk
  • White Maeng Da
  • Red Borneo
  • Super Green
  • Maha Green
  • Green Borneo
  • Super White
  • Green Malay
  • Yellow Vietnam
  • White Borneo

Kratom blends are also offered by EC botanicals:

  • Red Wicked
  • Purple Indo K blend
  • Morning blend

Energy blend